Yvonne Zipter and Gregg Shapiro Book Reading and Discussion

Chicago authors Yvonne Zipter and Gregg Shapiro will provide a reading and discussion of their recent works Infraction and How to Whistle. The discussion will be moderated by Carrie Barnett, who was co-owner of People Like Us Books. The virtual program will be held June 17 at 6:30 p.m.

Registration required to attend: Link to register


Infraction by Yvonne Zipter: Marya Zhukova is a woman of many passions. Her husband isn’t one of them. It’s mathematics and literature that captivate her, in part, but her lover, Vera, enthralls her most of all. These are, however, all dangerous obsessions in the socially turbulent St. Petersburg of 1875. Marya is the fiery center to a small solar system of characters. There is her aunt Lidia, a spinster who exacts from her niece a promise to marry. There is Grigorii, Marya’s one-time math teacher. There is Vera, a young tutor surprised to find she’s fallen in love with a woman. There is Sergei, an earnest librarian captivated by Marya and willing to do whatever it takes to be near her, including a platonic marriage. Finally, there is St. Petersburg itself, adding a richness to these characters as they walk along the city’s canals or bounce along the rutted streets behind a hardy droshky driver on their way to dine at Privato or Leiner’s Deli or to watch ballet. Inspired by a real-life account, Infraction takes place at a time when women who yearn for more find that freedom comes at a cost. To order: https://rattlinggoodyarns.com/product/infraction/


How to Whistle by Gregg Shapiro: An expanded and reissued edition. Gay men communicate in many ways, sometimes a glance, sometimes a smile, and sometimes a whistle. In How to Whistle, Gregg Shapiro brings us men of all types sometimes seeking to be with each other and sometimes looking for themselves. They dance, they indulge, they camp, and they enjoy life. Shapiro employs his deft poetic voice to bring you men that will stay with you, men you’ll find yourself thinking about for a long time. To order: https://rattlinggoodyarns.com/product/how-to-whistle-expanded-edition/