Strategic Plan & Relocation

The collections, services, and programming of Gerber/Hart are growing. Gerber/Hart will soon outgrow its current space. In view of this, a strategic plan has been developed and approved by the Board of Directors in August 2020.

The strategic plan focuses on relocation to a larger space and the continued growth of collections, services, and programming. In addition to providing more space for collections, the larger space would provide additional exhibit galleries and a meeting/event space for Gerber/Hart’s programs. The meeting/event space also would be available for use by other organizations and individuals. An overview of the strategic plan follows below.

Relocation Fund

A Relocation Fund has been established to help fund moving from the current space to a new space.

We had a goal of $40,000. Thanks, we met and exceeded our goal in three weeks. We are currently at $40,519.70. As this is an initial cost for relocating, we are continuing to receive donations to help fund moving costs.

Go to for donating to this fund and to see updates.

Updated Mission and Vision Statements

Part of the strategic planning process has been an updating of the mission statement. This can be found at

Overview of Strategic Plan (2020-2024)

Commitment to Diversity: Gerber/Hart Library and Archives has a commitment for its collections, programs, and personnel composition to reflect the diversity of the communities it serves. A commitment to diversity needs to be integrated into all aspects of the operation of an organization. Specific strategies for this commitment toward diversity are laid out in full Strategic Plan.

GOAL 1. BOARD DEVELOPMENT: Improving the board’s effectiveness through increased board membership, increased retention, diversity, and better-defined roles. Strategies include the establishment of a board search committee, board member training, and the gradual increase of size of board to 12-15 by 2024.

GOAL 2. FUNDRAISING: Improve/expand the funding capacity to support expanded staff hours and/or positions and acquiring a bigger space in order to fulfill our mission. Strategies include funding a development staff person, establishing a structure for donor relations, and an incremented increase of revenue to be able to fund the a larger space and a development staff person.

GOAL 3. SPACE/RELOCATION: Identify space needs and find a suitable space which fits the full range of our collection and programmatic needs, allows for growth and long-term stability, and is attune to service to diverse communities located across a large geographic area. Move will potentially be in 2022-2024. Strategies include establishing a relocation committee to oversee the search and move process taking into consideration size, location, and accessibility needs.

GOAL 4. COLLECTIONS DEVELOPMENT: Develop the collections to more fully reflect the diversity and composition of the LGBTQ communities Gerber/Hart serves. Strategies include assessing current collection composition and developing a process for reaching out to individual and organizations for new collections.

GOAL 5. OUTREACH: Initiate outreach to groups and individuals, locally and nationally, to develop relationships for awareness of Gerber/Hart and cooperative projects with attention to underrepresented groups. Strategies include the establishment of an Outreach Committee to coordinate outreach events and pursue working on programs and projects with other groups.