Queer History Teach-In Resources

On Saturday, November 18th, Gerber/Hart will take part in a virtual Queer History Teach-In with our friends from Invisible Histories Project! Gerber/Hart staff member Jen Dentel and UIC doctoral candidate Molly Fulop will be presenting “How We Say Gay: Understandings of LGBTQ+ Censorship Within Education in Illinois and Florida” at 11:25 AM CST.

Please see below for some of the resources we will discuss during the program. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Jen Dentel (jen.dentel@gerberhart.org) if you have any questions about the presentation.

Register for the free virtual event here.

About the Event:

Invisible Histories and Gerber/Hart are both dedicated to collecting, preserving, and making LGBTQ+ history accessible. Queer information and resources are heavily under attack in libraries, K-12 schools, and universities across the U.S. Book challenges and bills banning the teaching of Queer history and information (or even the mention of it) are emerging in multiple states.

To help resist this censorship and learn more about LGBTQ+ history, please join us at the virtual Queer History Teach-In this month.
 And make sure to learn more about Invisible Histories Project and their incredible, important work! 



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