Organizations are a foundation for LGBTQ communities. A selection of local and national organization pins from political, service and performance organizations are on display. The exhibit is in the Walgreens waiting area and runs through February 2022.Continue Reading

Donna Reed will joining Sylvester and Gloria Swanson in Gerber/Hart’s collection of LeeK’s bubbleheads. If you have or know of a bubblehead that might want to join them, please contact Gerber/Hart.Continue Reading

For 40 years, Gerber/Hart has been the place to bring together, preserve, and make accessible the pieces of history for enabling research, presentation, and discovery of LGBTQ history in the Midwest. As Gerber/Hart continues to grow in its collections, services, and programming, it also needs to grow in the financialContinue Reading

Two more rows of double-faced shelves have been added for the ever growing circulating collection. The 120 additional shelves will provide ample space for a number of years.Continue Reading

November 29, 2022 is Giving Tuesday! The Archives of Gerber/Hart are so much more than stacks of boxes in climate-controlled rooms. Every box—and there over a thousand—contains the stories, ideas, quirks, research, and ephemera that encapsulate the lives and works of hundreds of LGBTQ people from Chicago and the Midwest.Continue Reading