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Gerber/Hart Library and Archives is committed to acquiring, preserving, and disseminating materials that embody the culture and history of gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender people.

*Gerber/Hart also collects materials that embody the culture and history of people and organizations of additional gender and sexual marginalized groups for whom a library or archives collection has not been established in the Chicago metropolitan area.


Gerber/Hart has a library collection of over 24,000 items. We have no formal acquisitions budget. All items have been donated by patrons and supporters of Gerber/Hart. These contributions of new or gently used books, audio/visual materials, and periodicals have made Gerber/Hart a true community library by and for all who participate.

Donate items for collections or booksale: If you would like to help Gerber/Hart grow further, please donate your books, audio/visual materials, or periodicals. Non-LGBTQ* books, and audio/visual materials or LGBTQ* books and audio/visual materials materials already in the collection will go to the booksale which raises funds for Gerber/Hart’s operations. Donations can be dropped off at Gerber/Hart Library and Archives during our open hours.


Special Collections and Archives hold the papers and objects related to Midwest LGBTQ* history. Researchers of all kinds utilize our holdings for a variety of reasons ranging from personal interest to publishing texts. Researchers from around the country make trips to Chicago specifically to do research at Gerber/Hart. Public access to documentation of the LGBTQ* history of the Midwest is critical for these stories to live on. If you have materials that add to this ongoing historical conversation, please contact

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