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Gerber/Hart’s circulating library collection houses over 24,000 volumes. Look up holdings online or download the LibraryWorld Search app to search the catalog (once downloaded, enter gerberhart as Library Name; no password is required). There is no cost to use Gerber/Hart’s library, anyone over the age of 13 may become a patron. Stop in during our open hours and browse the stacks!

Please return items in a timely manner so that other patrons may enjoy them! Gerber/Hart will send 2 follow-up messages when items are late reminding the patron that their check-outs are due back. After 2 attempts to contact we will mark the item as “LOST” and the patron will be charged a full replacement fee for a good condition copy. Patrons will have the option to replace the item themselves or pay Gerber/Hart the fee.

  • Help LGBTQ people know more about themselves and their community history.
  • Supplement formal study and encourage informal self-education.
  • Meet the informational needs of Midwest LGBTQ communities and beyond.
  • Stimulate thoughtful participation in the affairs of the LGBTQ communities in the Midwest, the country, and the world.
  • Support educational, civic and cultural activities within LGBTQ communities.
  • Assist the individual to grow intellectually and to enjoy life more fully.
  • Build relations to facilitate acquisitions.

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