The Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame was founded in 1991 to honor persons and entities who have made significant contributions to the quality of life or well-being of LGBT people in Chicago. It is the first city-sponsored hall of fame dedicated to LGBT people. In 2009. it became independent from the city.

Newly Added

1996 Induction Ceremony

1996 inductees were Toni Armstrong Jr., Tiffani St. Cloud, Norm Sloan, Charlotte Newfeld, Ifti Nasim, Mary F. Morten, Tony Midnite, Frankie Knuckles, Gregory “Greg” Harris, Arlene Halko, Gerber/Hart Library & Archives, Jack Delaney, Bailiwick Repertory’s Pride Series, Jacqueline Anderson, and Charlotte Newfeld.

From Previous Weeks

1993 Induction Ceremony

1993 inductees were Al Wardell, Joanne E. Trapani, Marge Summit, Bruce C. Scott, Linda S. Rodgers, Richard W. Pfeiffer, Kathy Osterman, Mountain Moving Coffee House For Womyn And Children, Reverend Sid L. Mohn, D. Min., Nancy Lanoue, Joel Hall, Jeff Graubart, Richard Garrin, Robert T. Ford, Jerrold Cohen, E. Kitch Childs, Ph.D., Robert Sloane Basker, and Ad Hoc Committee Of Proud Black Lesbians And Gays

1995 Induction Ceremony

1995 inductees were Yvonne Zipter, Thomas M. Tunney, James Monroe Smith, Armando L. Smith, Reverend David B. Sindt, Queer Nation Chicago, José Peña, Dawn Clark Netsch, Nick Kelly, Jean V. Hardisty, Frontrunners/Frontwalkers Chicago, T. Chris Cothran, Samson Chan, and Caryn Berman.