Giving Tuesday

November 29, 2022 is Giving Tuesday!

The Archives of Gerber/Hart are so much more than stacks of boxes in climate-controlled rooms. Every boxand there over a thousandcontains the stories, ideas, quirks, research, and ephemera that encapsulate the lives and works of hundreds of LGBTQ people from Chicago and the Midwest. These individuals and organizations have given their papers, art, photographs, films, clothing, and even hair and teeth (it’s true!) to Gerber/Hart to be safely preserved and archived for use by researchers and exhibits for years to come.

This Giving Tuesday, please consider a financial gift to support this vital preservation. Your gift can be used to help preserve a box of a newly received collection, or support the cost of storing these boxes at the appropriate temperature and humidity. You can even choose to support a collection by the linear feet and resources it takes to store, with examples such as the sizes of the Miss Tillie, Jon-Henri Damski, and Amigas Latinas collections.

Whatever amount you choose to donate, you will be helping Gerber/Hart continue to preserve the stories and artifacts that have been entrusted to us for the purpose of sharing with you.

Giving Tuesday Suggested Support Levels:

$30: Cost for supplies (archival quality box, folders and plastic paper clips) to rehouse one box of a newly donated archive collection

$60: Cost for supplies to preserve 2 boxes

$120: Cost for providing one week of appropriate climate- controlled environment (temperature and humidity) for preserving and protecting archives and special collections

$200: Cost for preserving a Miss Tillie-sized Collection

$330: Cost for preserving a Jon-Henri Damski-sized Collection

$420: Cost for preserving an Amigas Latinas-sized Collection

Or enter any amount you choose in the form below.

Thank you for your support on this Giving Tuesday, and always.