For a full list of new online resources and virtual programming go to Episodes of The 10% Show, a monthly Chicago-based cable access news magazine that ran between 1989-1990. Video Potpourri : a selection of videos from Special Collections Virtual Panels and Interviews appear in the events list.Continue Reading

Throughout the month of June, Gerber/Hart will be releasing newly digitized recordings of Chicago Pride Parades and parade rallies going back to the first one in 1970: Chicago Pride Parades. This collection is missing a few years, especially after 2000. If you have a recording of a Chicago Pride ParadeContinue Reading

“At a time when it was difficult to be taken seriously as a female artist or musicians, and lesbians had a difficult time finding halls that would rent to them, printers that would print openly lesbian fliers, and most lesbians were afraid to come out of the closet, the women’sContinue Reading

“The original idea was to provide a social and cultural space for lesbians and women…It was a meeting place where women could be themselves, be free to be themselves, and be entertained and have a good time.” Kathy Munzer Mountain Moving Coffeehouse for Womyn and Children was founded in 1975Continue Reading