Gerber/Hart’s podcast, Unboxing Queer History, has been notice by various news outlets. Please check out the following for additional information and interesting background about the podcast.  Interviews include Unboxing Queer History co-creators and producers Ari Mejia, Erin Bell, Jen Dentel, and Hannah Viti. NBC Chicago: Link to interview. WTTW Chicago:Continue Reading

Gerber/Hart is releasing Unboxing Queer History, an eight episode podcast. The episodes will be released throughout the spring on the first and fourth Tuesdays of the month. Episodes will be available on Spotify and wherever you listen to podcasts in addition to the Gerber/Hart exhibit platform. Episode Release Schedule Released:Continue Reading

Earlier this month, over 50 boxes containing the 52 year history of the Chicago Pride Parade were received into Gerber/Hart’s collection. From this collection a set of Chicago Pride Parade pins have been assembled.Continue Reading

New on-line exhibit, with embedded audio, of women’s music and gay liberation music that provided a soundtrack for gay and lesbian liberation the 1970s. View the exhibit at A few embedded videos from the exhibit: Amazone ABC, Alix Dobkin (Dobkin) Gay Spirit, Charlie Murphy (Murphy)Continue Reading

A new on-line exhibit that explores of the development of nationalized gay and lesbian rights language and organization from the mid-1960s to the late 1970s, including the 1968 Homosexual Bill of Rights and the first White House meeting with gay and lesbian activist in 1977. View the exhibit at exhibits.gerberhart.orgContinue Reading