Help Gerber/Hart Grow and Expand the Board

Gerber/Hart is in the midst of expanding services and programs, and in the not-too-distant future will be moving to a larger space. Additional board members will be of great value for this phase of growth and development. Would you or someone you know be interested in joining the board team?

Gerber/Hart Library and Archives was founded in 1981 on the belief that knowledge is key to dispelling homophobia and the marginalization of sexual and gender minorities. Gerber/Hart seeks to preserve and make accessible the history and culture of the LGBTQ communities in Chicago and the Midwest in order to advance the larger goal of achieving justice and equality.

Gerber/Hart seeks board members who can provide skill and knowledge in any of the following three areas:

  • We need individuals with the ability to help us expand our financial resources and manage our finances. This can be done through such means as broadening and increasing our number of committed individual donors as well as assisting in researching and applying for grants from foundations. The skills of an accountant will also help oversee our budgetary and book-keeping process.
  • We need individuals who can help us to expand our public programming, broaden our community partnerships, and publicize our work and mission so that a larger audience attends events and makes use of our educational resources. Gerber/Hart hopes to become a destination for a larger and more diverse number of community members and allies.
  • We need individuals with experience in libraries and archives who can help us develop policies about priorities in terms of acquisition and development of our collections. What type of new acquisitions should we be prioritizing? How do we make our materials as accessible as possible? How do we adapt to the digital online age we are living in? How do we expand our archives so that it reflects the full diversity of our communities?

According to John D’Emilio, the current president of the board of directors, “Gerber/Hart is in a stronger, more secure place than it has ever been. For the first time in our history, we have 3 part-time staff and we may shortly be adding a fourth. Our collections are in better order and more accessible than ever before. More historical materials are accessible on our website. Our public programming has grown as well. Over 125 people attended each of the openings of our last two major exhibits. And we anticipate moving into a larger space in the not-too-distant future, which will allow us to display more LGBTQ history than ever before. Additional board members will be of great value in the next phase of our growth and development.”

Gerber/Hart is located at 6500 North Clark Street, in the Rogers Park neighborhood. In non-pandemic times, it is open to the public on Wednesday and Thursday evenings and on Friday and Saturday afternoons.

Please contact, if you are interested in exploring the possibility of board membership.

Board Membership – Expectations

Gerber/Hart expects the following from our board members:

  • Make Gerber/Hart one of your priorities for civic and cultural involvement.
  • Understand and advocate for the Gerber/Hart mission; participate in the Board’s decision-making process; and advance the mission and strategic goals of Gerber/Hart.
  • Contribute annually, support special campaigns and fundraising initiatives, and draw members of your personal and professional networks into Gerber/Hart’s fundraising stream. Board members are expected to contribute at a personally meaningful give-or-get level. When you join the board, we will work with you to identify and develop your fundraising capacity, recognizing that not everyone is at the same give/get level.
  • Attend board and committee meetings, as well as an occasional special meeting, training, or retreat. On average, one can expect to attend one meeting per month, as well as occasional public events.
  • Current standing committees of board, staff, and volunteers include:
    • Collections Oversight;
    • Development/Fundraising;
    • Programming/Communications