2/24 Author Talk with Lisa Bunker & Yvonne Zipter

Join us with Women & Children First Books for an author conversation with Lisa Bunker and Yvonne Zipter! Lisa will be discussing veir 2023 all-ages fantasy book, Almond, Quartz, and Finch, exploring a world where children are raised without gender until they are old enough to choose for themselves. Yvonne will be reading from her 2021 historical novel Infraction featuring lesbian romance, mathematics, and 19tth century St. Petersburg.

Women & Children First will be on site to sell copies of the books at this event. Join us at Gerber/Hart on Saturday, February 24th, at 1 PM for this event!


LISA BUNKER (vo/ven or they/them) has written stories all veir life. Before setting up shop as a full-time author vo had a 30-year career in non-commercial broadcasting, most recently as Program Director of the community radio station in Portland, Maine.

Vo has also made homes in New Mexico, the LA area, Seattle, the Florida panhandle, and New Hampshire. Vo now lives in Sacramento, CA with veir spouse Dawn, an expert on anxiety in children and an author in her own right. Between them they have three grown children.

From 2018 to 2022 Lisa represented the town of Exeter in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Veir other active interests include choral singing, musical composition, chess, and Scrabble.

YVONNE ZIPTER (she/her) is the author of the Russian historical novel Infraction, as well as the poetry collections The Wordless Lullaby of Crickets, Kissing the Long Face of the Greyhound, The Patience of Metal (a Lambda Literary Award Finalist), and Like Some Bookie God and the nonfiction books Diamonds Are a Dyke’s Best Friend and Ransacking the Closet.

Her poems have appeared in numerous periodicals over the years, and her published poems are currently being sold individually in Chicago in two vending machines to raise money for the nonprofit arts organization Arts Alive Chicago.

She is retired from the University of Chicago Press, where she was a manuscript editor.


ALMOND, QUARTZ, AND FINCH –  was published by New Wind on November 7th, 2023. It is a novel for readers of all ages featuring palace intrigue, cultural strife, family drama, romance, and more. It includes one possible answer to the question, “What if there was a culture where children were raised without gender and got to choose?” It’s written in a literary golden-age-of-fantasy style and is meant to be an engrossing read for everyone, whether or not you claim any rainbow letters yourself.

INFRACTION – Marya Zhukova is a woman of many passions. Her husband isn’t one of them. It’s mathematics and literature that captivate her, in part, but her lover, Vera, enthralls her most of all. These are, however, all dangerous obsessions in the socially turbulent St. Petersburg of 1875. Inspired by a real-life account, Infraction takes place at a time when women who yearn for more find that freedom comes at a cost.