In the Archives

John D’Emilio, retired LGBTQ historian, John is spending an afternoon or two a week exploring the collections in Gerber/Hart’s archives and is posting his finding on his blog (

John has written, “Call me a history nerd, but there is something very exciting about finding a document that suddenly gives me a new understanding of where we’ve come from and how we’ve gotten here. For all the research and writing I have done, there is still much to be found that will make me smarter, make me grasp the world around me better, and help me think better about how to make change in the world.”

His recent posts feature the archive collections of Robinn Dupree (a female impersonator in the 1970s to 2016), the Chicago chapter of the 1987 March on Washington Committee, the 1987 Sexual Orientation and the Law Conference at the University of Chicago, and GLADD Chicago (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation).